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#35 errors go to output stream instead of STDERR

Kurt Keller

In our environment the output from init/compare/report must
go to STDOUT and will be processed later. Unfortunately any
errors go to the normal output stream tee and clobber
it up,
causing problems.

The attached patches, which take care of the problem in our
environment, rename the error routine orierror and create a
new error routine which sends error mesages to STDERR. The
calls to error in compare_db.c, which do not output
errors but
normal messages expected from compare, are adapted to
use orierror.

Please use the patches with care, I'm not familiar with
C. I
only know they do for us what we want them to do.


  • Richard van den Berg

    • assigned_to: nobody --> rvdb
  • Richard van den Berg

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    I like the idea of seperating "normal" output and errors,
    but with -V255 everything is considered "normal" since you
    asked for it.

    Perhaps we should check which calls to error() are actually
    errors, and which are informational messages requested by
    setting the verbosity level.


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