Sean Egan - 2004-02-28

Concerned over allegations that Trillian stole source code from Gaim, Scott Werndorfer, co-founder and manager of Cerulean Studios and myself, lead developer of Gaim arranged for me to review Trillian's Yahoo! source code in order to confirm that it was not stolen from Gaim.

Obviously, I've signed an NDA that prevents me from discussing any specifics, but you can trust me that the code is very obviously not Gaim's (with the exception of the old authentication code written by myself which I've expressly permitted them to use, and the new auth code written by Scott which he's expressly permitted us to use).

The code posted by Stefan Esser which started this issue (yahoo_packet_read in Gaim) is certainly similar enough to compile into the same machine language, but having compared the function in each codebase, I'm convinced this is entirely coincidental.
I challenge you to write code to parse an efficient, sensible Yahoo Messenger packet that compiles to something that doesn't resemble Gaim's or Trillian's.

Trillian and Gaim have been friends for a long time.  They've just allowed us to use their Yahoo authentication code and these attempts to silence attacks on their character (sending their own code to the lead developer of an open source competitor) are unprecedented.  Trillian should be thanked, not slandered.