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AGLIB JAVA 1.0 released

Notes: Updated to Java 5. Added a parser to read in XML files natively in Java. The -bin file has only the binary jar file and accompanying info files (INSTALL README, etc.). The -src file has all that, plus the source code and javadocs.

Changes: Added an XML parser. This parser reads in an AIF xml file (1.1 DTD dated Dec 20, 2001) and populates the existing Java objects. Also:
- added an Ant build.xml file
- changed from a HashSet to a TreeSet in a few places so the items in the xml file would be sorted by alpha
- made a few methods public that were previously package level
- made changes to AGException to take advantage of Java's chained exception facilities
- added a few new ways to get groups of AG IDs
- added the namespace declarations to the XML output routines
- added a few checks to protect against NullPointerExceptions
- removed the trim() method in
- it wasn't being used and the Java String API has the same method.

Posted by Jeffrey Hoyt 2007-06-18

AGLIB 2.0.1 released

AGLIB 2.0.1 has been released.
It is the first bug fix release of AGLIB 2.0.
It fixed several bugs in the database module and the CAG file io module.

The Linux binary package has been released too.
It includes an experimental perl wrapper, which will be officially included in the 2.1 release.

Windows and Solaris binary releases will follow soon.

Posted by Haejoong Lee 2004-01-16

AGLIB 2.0 binary packages

We've just uploaded the AGLIB 2.0 binary packages for Linux, Solaris and Windows. They are intended to be used with Python/Tcl/Java annotation graph applications, without worrying about compiling the AGLIB source package.

Posted by Haejoong Lee 2003-07-11

AGLIB 2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the final release of AGLIB 2.0. This release fixes some serious bugs in the last two beta releases. So if you are using one of the beta releases, please replace it with this latest release.

Thank you guys again for comments, bug reports, patches and everything.


Posted by Haejoong Lee 2003-07-08

AGLIB 2.0b2 released

This is the second beta release of AGLIB 2.0. This release fixes several bugs and problems found in the 2.0b1 release. (See ChangeLog in the package.) This is also a promising candidate for 2.0 final release.


Posted by Haejoong Lee 2003-05-23

AGLIB 2.0b1 released


We are pleased to announce a beta release of AGLIB 2.0. There have been many changes since AGLIB 1.1, including API changes. For those changes please consult included documentations (doc/cnahges.html) or our web site:

For other information on AGLIB 2.0, please refer to doc/index.html or AGLIB 2.0 documentations on our web site: read more

Posted by Haejoong Lee 2003-05-07

CPL: Common Public License

The Common Public License is now listed as an OSI-approved open source license. Please see:

Steven Bird.

Posted by Steven Bird 2001-08-21

1.0 Release forthcoming in September

The AGTK development team is preparing the 1.0 version of the libraries and tools, for release in mid-September. We especially welcome feedback on any problems with installation and documentation.

Posted by Steven Bird 2001-08-21

CPL: Common Public License

The AG toolkit is released under the CPL, not the GPL. The CPL is approved as an open source license by the OSI (Open Source Initiative), but not yet listed on their site ( The CPL permits the software to be incorporated into commercial software, but requires any changes to AGTK files to be distributed under the CPL. Please address
any questions about licensing to: read more

Posted by Steven Bird 2001-06-11

AGTK 0.98.1 for Windows released

AGTK 0.98.1 for Windows was released. It's precompiled and supposed to run on all Windows platform.

To install, simply download the package and run the excutable on your PC, and then follow the instructions.

The distribution is quite large (20Mb) and the install takes
104Mb of space (since we've had to include Cygwin and Tcl/tk).

Please report any technical problems with this distribution to Xiaoyi Ma <>.

Posted by Xiaoyi Ma 2001-05-30

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