Live DVD including Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer

I just built a live DVD for the use with Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer there some other projects included as well. Further it is shipped with drum sounds of hydrogen and Soundfont2 files of fluidsynth.

  • Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer
  • Swami
  • Mplayer
  • ffmpeg

The system is x86_64 using realtime patch for linux-3.14.25-rt22. WindowMaker is default window manager with openbox as alternative ...

Assumed you want to keep your files created you have to safe to external storage like USB flash memory or something alike.

You need at least 4G of RAM and for sure an amd64 compatible environment.

Just boot login as minos hit enter twice (empty password) and run:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/X11/bin && startx

Note on console is de_CH-latin1 en_US keymap as default. Within Xorg you have standard en_US keyboard. For console type following to change layout:

$ loadkeys /usr/share/keymap/<YOUR KEYMAP OF CHOICE>

for X11 to enable for example swiss german keyboard layout:

$ setxkbmap ch de

Launch Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer by typing:

$ /home/minos/bin/ags-0_4_2-19/ags

Soundfonts and drum sounds provided in /usr/share/sounds

to adjust volume use alsamixer you probably have to issue modprobe snd snd_ac97_codec before.

Posted by Joël Krähemann 2014-12-25 Labels: live iso minos-one

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