#11 problem with CLASSPATH


Hello Everyone,

I got to know that the classes which come under the
CLASSPATH variable cannot be exported.ie they are not
but i want a class in my CLASSPATH to be mobile. so,
can anyone tell me how to make a class that is in the
CLASSPATH mobile. Is there any variable that can be
set to relax that restriction. I know that it is for security
reason that
the classes in the CLASSPATH are not mobile. but still
i want it in my project. So,please send a solution to
mmy problem. I'll be grateful to you if anyone tell me the
solution to this problem.

Heres my Email-ID : yadavsandee@rediffmail.com


  • Luca Ferrari

    Luca Ferrari - 2007-08-21
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  • Luca Ferrari

    Luca Ferrari - 2007-08-21

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    First of all it is not possible to move any class in a system. A class to be marked as "mobile" must be compliant to specific rules; at least it must be serializable. I think there is a little mess here, between the concept of class and instance. The mobility is applied to an instance, in the sense that an instance (e.g., an agent) is present on host A and then in host B. This does not mean that a new agent is created on B and destroyed on A, rather than the same agent (i.e., with the same state) migrated from A to B. Making a class available from A to B (i.e., B can instantiate a class that is on A) does not involve migration but URL classloading.
    Therefore, if you mean moving a special instance you have to check that it is serializable and that it can be URL-loaded by the destination host; if you only want to instantiate the class on the destination host then you have to check only the latter.

  • Luca Ferrari

    Luca Ferrari - 2007-08-21
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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