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AgileTrack Version 1.2.3 Released

Incremental improvements continue to be made to the AgileTrack Client. This release (1.2.3) focuses mostly on performance improvements and UI enhancements. Some bug fixes have been made also.

Summary of Changes

Here is a quick summary of what has changed.

* Drag-and-drop in issues lists is better
* Issue panel tree views have been improved—particularly the User Tree
* JSON-RPC interface handles all custom data fields properly
* Fixed a sort problem when changing column count
* XML-RPC interface handles all custom data fields properly
* Performance improvements for loading records and reports
* Revamped report processing to have more options, better results, and much better performance
* Made the Projects tab have an expandable/collapsable tree... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2009-11-02

AgileTrack Version 1.2.2 Released

It's been a while since the last AgileTrack release. Other projects have taken most of my time, but development has continued at a slow pace. This release (1.2.2) includes a number of fixes and feature enhancements.

Summary of Changes

Here is a quick summary of what has changed.

* The sort order you've selected for tables is now remembered
* Columns that are toggled shown/hidden are remembered between logins
* Image attachments show a rollover thumbnail in the Attachments tab
* Opening attachments has been fixed
* Creation date has been made available in table views
* Different custom data can now be specified based on specific record types
* Fixed initialization bug that was exposed in recent Java releases
* Some server configuration fixes... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2009-05-03

AgileTrack: Version 1.2.1 Released

AgileTrack is an agile/extreme programming (XP) development planning, iteration, and task tracking tool. It assists in the life-cycle of iterations, projects, stories, tasks, and bugs. It focuses on simplicity, usability, flexibility, and practicality.

AgileTrack version 1.2.0 was released without stating the new Java 1.6 requirement for the client application. So, this is a minor maintenance release to state that requirement and update the release to properly enforce it.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2008-08-18

AgileTrack Version 1.2.0 Released

It has been about 9 months since the last full release of AgileTrack and this latest release contains many significant improvements and new features. The 1.2.0 release has been available in beta for about 2 months and is ready for official release.

This release has focused on adding functionality and data collection that will allow the creation of more detailed and accurate reports, better project management capability, improved user interaction, and better performance.
Custom Data Fields... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2008-08-11

AgileTrack Version 1.2.0 b2 Released

This is another beta release for AgileTrack 1.2.0. I am going out of town for a week or two, so I wanted to get this out. The official 1.2.0 release will probably come near the end of July.

This release fixes a lot of minor issues found in the last beta release and adds a little bit of new functionality as well. Here are some of the changes:

* Icons have been added to lists throughout the application
* Project trees are working better
* Time tracking has been fixed to update total properly
* Reporting had been broken due to the new History records, but is now fixed
* Issue dependencies can now be entered
* A new status bar has been added which includes activity lights to show when the application is loading (blue) or saving (green) data... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2008-07-09

AgileTrack Version 1.2.0 b1 Released

It has been a long time since the last release. I'm sure some have wondered if development has ceased. Development has been admittedly slow since the last release, but good progress has been made. The 1.2 AgileTrack versions will have some important improvements in the data layer and the focus on the database has prevented other minor improvements from being released. The objective has been to complete the database improvements and then focus on a number of interface enhancements during the 1.2.x series.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2008-06-19

AgileTrack Version 1.1.4 Released

This release takes care of several minor bugs and adds a couple enhancements.

* The auto-complete combo box works correctly again.
* The HSQL schema creation code was failing in non-English locales.
* A couple small reporting issues were resolved.
* Ctrl-E was added as a hotkey to toggle "Edit Mode" in issue lists.
* Iterations in the "Iterations" tab can be sorted by name.
* The main issues list auto-refreshes when new issues are created.
* Dutch language translation has been updated.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-11-26

AgileTrack Version 1.1.3 Released

It has been a little while since the last release, but the time for AgileTrack 1.1.3 is now here. This release focuses on improving the UI without altering the data structures so as to continue to be backwards compatible with the current 1.1.x releases.

The main changes are highlighted briefly before getting into more detail regarding the updates. New or significantly improved features include:

* Keyboard shortcuts for common actions and navigation
* A completely revamped and more useful "Home" tab
* Improved time logging interface
* User interface for managing available project and issue states
* Tree view of issues in iterations
* Time/date formatting flexibility across application
* JFreeCharts for chart rendering... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-10-28

AgileTrack Version 1.1.2 Released

This is a minor maintenance release. A couple new features have been added to help with large project lists.

* Auto-completion has been added to combo-boxes. This will allow projects and other fields to be selected by typing the title and searching the list for the best match while doing so. It should allow project assignment to be a lot simpler when complex project trees are set up.
* Project filtering is available in the Projects tab. A filter panel is hidden at the top of the project list. When expanded, closed projects can be filtered out of the list, and the list can be filtered by any text typed in the search field.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-07-24

AgileTrack Version 1.1.1 Released

This release of AgileTrack focuses almost entirely on bug fixes. The largest new feature is support for Microsoft SQLServer. The SQLServer driver is included and is now an option for databases. If any are interested in PostgreSQL support, please request it in the forums or submit a feature request.
Database Migration

A database migration feature is now available as part of the AgileTrack Server package. It is assumed that the agiletrack.conf file has been configured for the target database at the time of export and import, or that the database parameters are passed on the command line. The following options allow databases to be exported and imported:... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-05-22

AgileTrack Version 1.1.0 Released

It has been a couple months since the last release, but it has reached the time to make another release. This release is 1.1.0, and will apply a database schema update when installed. It is wise to backup your database before applying the update.

Special thanks in this release go to Matteo Combi and Gianluca Moretti for providing an Italian language translation of the interface. And also thanks to Denis Zhalnin for providing a Russian language translation.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-04-02

AgileTrack Development Build 1.0.1 b1 Available

As had been announced with the versioning change, development releases will be made from time to time in the interest of those who would like access to new features without waiting for a full release. To install this update, go to the "Additional Downloads" page at and download the agiletrack.jar provided under "Client Development Build - 1.0.1 b1". Replace the agiletrack.jar in the lib directory of the AgileTrack client installation.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-01-29

AgileTrack Version 1.0.0 Released

This release marks a major milestone in the development of AgileTrack. The feature set and stability have continually improved since the first release one year ago. For that reason, this release marks the initial production release—version 1.0.0.
Feature Updates

This release has focused mainly on fixing minor problems, and updating the interface to provide more ways to navigate the available data.

* Alphabetical sorting has been updated to use the collator for the locale.
* Table columns can now be hidden/shown by right-clicking on the column header.
* The client/server interface has been revised to pass information in fewer calls in an effort to improve overall client/server communication performance.
* Attachments are now available for projects, iteration, and releases.
* The list of releases for a given project are shown in the project view, and the list of iterations encompassing a particular release are shown in the release view.
* Fix some user-interface problems—saving maximization of view, popup positioning, improper access of GUI components.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2007-01-16

AgileTrack Version 0.8d Released

Merry Christmas! It has been nearly a year since the first beta release of AgileTrack and it has come a very long way since then. This is expected to be the last beta release of AgileTrack. Thanks to everyone who has contributed by making feature suggestions, bug reports, and language translations. Your participation is much appreciated.

This release of AgileTrack adds the ability to attach files to issues. The issue view now has an "Attachments" tab where attachments can be added, exported, updated, and removed. Attachments can be added by browsing for files, typing the file path, or dragging and dropping a file onto the text field. If an attachment with the same name as the file already exists, then AgileTrack will prompt to overwrite the attachment when saved. Attachments can be exported by dragging the selected attachment and dropping it in a file manager or desktop. They can also be saved by using the context menu in the attachments table, or opened directly using the operating system's default open action for the particular file type.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-12-24

AgileTrack Version 0.8c Released

This release contains a couple major new features. First is the ability to have email notifications sent in response to events on issues, projects, iterations, and releases, and second is the initial integration of the Lucene search engine.

Email notifications involve a few parts. First, the feature needs to be enabled by going to the System Configuration and enabling the "Email Notifications" feature. Then users need to be allowed to subscribe to changes on records. Users are able to subscribe to changes on specific records only if they have been given the correct permission. To grant the permission to subscribe for email notifications to a user, edit the appropriate role and make sure it allows Creating, Loading, Saving, and Deleting "Own Subscriptions". When the permission is available, there will be a "Subscribe" button available when viewing open records.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-12-18

AgileTrack Version 0.8b Released

The focus of this release has been on the roles and permissions functionality of AgileTrack. Previously, roles were statically defined and permissions couldn't be customized. Now roles can be added, removed, and customized using a more comprehensive set of permissions. To access the user interface to manage roles, select "Show Roles" from the main menu or context menu. "Show Roles" is only available to system administrators or users who have permission to modify roles. A few existing problems related to permissions have been fixed in conjunction with theses changes.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-11-27

AgileTrack Version 0.8a Released

This release of AgileTrack focuses on the time tracking functionality of the tool, in addition to other user interface enhancements.

* A new widget has been created for setting the time estimate on issues. Time estimates can now have more precision than just hours.
* A time log tab has been added to the issue view where time logs can be viewed, modified, added, and removed. Time logs can still be created using the Start/Stop Timer.
* The actual time logged for an issue can now be edited and set explicitly from the main issues view. Editing the total time directly actually creates a time log entry which adjusts the time.
* Issues, releases, iteration, and projects are color coded in the various views. Green means an item is being prepared and is not active, black means the item is open and active, and red means the item is complete and closed.
* The interface has been cleaned up a bit and should look better with different looks and feels.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-11-13

AgileTrack Version 0.7e Released

The 0.7 series of releases is closing up and has been stabilized with this release. This release focuses on interface performance and functionality. A number of minor bug fixes have been made, and a few user interface enhancements have also been put in place.

* The client application performance has been tweaked. The gradient background that was being used was found to be a cause of slowness and it has been disabled. Some other aspects of the interface perfomance were also improved.
* Text fields now support undo/redo with ctrl-z and ctrl-y.
* The main issue list edit mode now allows filters to be selected and the list to be refreshed without exiting edit mode.
* Releases are now sorted by release date similar to iterations.
* A few minor interface bugs were fixed — saving iteration and time estimate, when creating new issues, discarding unsaved changes when switching out and into the issue tab.
* A severe server startup error has been corrected that was preventing the server from initializing if no access log was configured.
* Some caching problems were fixed.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-10-23

AgileTrack Version 0.7d Released

This release focuses mainly on bug fixes and minor feature updates. The most significant change is support for customizable feature configration. Many AgileTrack features and options can be enabled or disabled and the client view adjusts accordingly. This has been done to allow AgileTrack to keep its simplicity while offering new capabilities over time. System configuration options can be edited from the main AgileTrack context menu. As the configuration options are new and adaptations to the client to support the many options has not been fully tested, please report any problems that arise.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-10-09

AgileTrack Version 0.7c Released

This release of AgileTrack has focused primarily on usability and bug fixes. Several problems with the main issue list have been fixed, some speed problems have been worked out, and the server configuration interface and file format have been updated.

In addition to the fixes, a few new features have been added. And progress has been made in writing the documentation.

* The server now supports HSQLDB in addition to MySQL. MySQL is still recommended, but there is another option. The server configuration file format has changed, but settings from the old format will still work. Any changes made to the settings through the configuration UI will cause the configuration to be saved in the new format.
* Issue lists can now be copied and pasted into Excel and Open Office Spreadsheet. To do so, in an issue list select the desired issues and press "Ctrl-C". To paste, go into your spreadsheet program and paste it in. The pasted data will include column headers.
* There is a new "Tip Of The Day" dialog that is available. It should help users become familiar more quickly with some of the functionality of AgileTrack. The "Tip Of The Day" requires an active Internet connection, and tips will be updated and added as the documentation is written.
* AgileTrack may optionally poll for new releases automatically. Once a week the client will connect to the web site to see if an update is available. Actual update installation still needs to be performed manually, but the notification will provide users with the release notes and details as new releases are available.
* The iteration view now provides a few different charts showing iteration progress over time. AgileTrack has had the ability to collect iteration progress data for some time, though there were some bugs discovered that have been fixed which will make the charts accurate.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-08-20 Online Tracker Available


The development section now has functionality allowing visitors to submit feature requests and bug reports. Visitors may also post comments on existing issues.

These updates are also related to the ongoing development of a general web interface which will be available in the future, but which is far from complete.

For now, the features planned for the next release can be viewed by going to the releases page, and clicking on the last version shown — v0.7c. Also notice that there is a planned release date for that version, so expect the actual release to be made around the planned date. If the plan changes, the date will be updated accordingly, so stay tuned.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-08-07

AgileTrack Version 0.7b Released now has a development section which is tied to the AgileTrack development database and allows users to track AgileTrack's bugs and feature development, as well as releases. In the future, the interface will allow users to register and submit bugs and feature requests. For now, users can view the open issues and send me an email for requests and bugs.

* HSQLDB support is partially implemented. Currently only the client allows the HSQLDB configuration and essentially makes it a personal task tracking tool in that setup. The next release will allow HSQLDB to be configured from the server and this will eliminate the requirement of MySQL for users.
* The most major update is the integration of Jetty as the internal HTTP server. Until now, AgileTrack has been using a simple custom HTTP server which was functional, but now robust. To this point, the XML-RPC and JSON-RPC web services are now being handled by Jetty, and preparations for a complete web interface are being made.
* Several interface problems were fixed up. For details, see the release issue list.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-07-17

AgileTrack Version 0.7a Released

It has been a couple months since the last release. I haven't had a lot of time to work on AgileTrack, though I'm finding more time now. Having said that, a lot of refactoring has been done and some bug fixing. I've been in the midst of devising an integration strategy that allows AgileTrack to be used with other project management systems, which has required a lot of refactoring.

Due to the amount changes, I've decided to close the 0.6 releases which were never particularly stable, and call this 0.7--meaning it's inching closer to the point where it won't be considered "beta" anymore. Some of the major changes are described below.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-06-26

AgileTrack Version 0.6e Released

This release has very little new interface functionality from the 0.6c release. This update has focused on three primary features.

1. Initial internationalization of the interface has been complete. The login dialog now allows a language selection for the tool. The languages files can also be used to simply change terminology if that is desired--for example to use Scrum terminology versus Extreme Programming, etc.... read more

Posted by x10gimli 2006-04-17

AgileTrack Version 0.6d Released

The last release contained a flaw in the database update script that will cause the record sequence IDs to overrun each other and ultimately lead to data corruption and limited data loss at which point the application will become unusable until corrected. The flaw does not affect new installations, and doesn't manifest itself immediately, which is why it went unnoticed. The update will correct the ID sequence and delete the corrupted records. This should put the database back into a reliable state. The AgileTrack demo database, and well as a couple others I maintain experienced the problem and the 0.6c release files were removed from SourceForge as soon as the problem was realized. Hopefully no one will experience any negative side effects.

Posted by x10gimli 2006-04-05