Review tied to review owner's local Eclipse source project name

  • Czuk

    Czuk - 2014-01-15

    I just installed a copy of the AgileReview plugin into my Eclipse and created a new review. I wanted to do a simple test with one of my team members. The java source code I used I checked out from SVN into a project that I called ARevTest.

    I was about to commit the review project to SVN and ask my colleague to add his own review comments when I wondered, how is the tool going to know which project in his eclipse environment to use. When I looked at the author comments xml file contains a project tag hardcodes the project name.

    Is it really the case that all reviewers MUST have the reviewed code extracted to the same project name?

    It would be better if the plugin allowed each review to specify their local project. More importantly, it would be good if the plugin kept track of the svn path of the file to ensure that it is the same file that is being reviewed by each reviewer rather than potentially having different reviewers reviewing the file from different branches.

  •  Malte Brunnlieb

    Malte Brunnlieb - 2014-01-18


    yes you are right. The comments depend on the file path including the project name. This limitation is currently necessary as AgileReview does not integrate in any versioning system. So we currently do not know the svn/git/hg path of a file.

    Sorry but at the moment we do not plan to integrate any versioning system into the commenting logic.



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