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0.8-RC1 Release

I have released the new 0.8 release candidate today. Version 0.8 adds some exciting new features including:
* Impediments
* Permalinks
* Project Burnup chart
* Backlog Filtering
Please download this new version and experiment with the new features. I look forward to feedback from users.

Posted by adam 2010-10-09

0.7.5 Release

I have just released 0.7.5. This release fixes a layout issue for task cards on a Linux client with a limited font availability. It ensures that the scrollbar doesn't appear on the card if the only available sans-serif font renders slightly taller than normal.
This will be the last 0.7 point release. Work on the 0.8 release is progressing well and will include filtering, extra reporting and impediment management.

Posted by adam 2010-03-06

0.7.4 Released

I have just released Express version 0.7.4. This release has just one new feature – individual swim lanes for tasks under a given story. I intended to do a number of small features in this release but due to the number of requests for this feature I decided to release it immediately and move the search and filter features, which are only partially completed, into the next release. I am going to start on the 0.8 release now and bring all the currently requested features all into that release as well as the completion of impediment management.

Posted by adam 2010-03-06

0.7.1 Released

Version 0.7.1 contains project worker management so that project workers can be named as project admins or iteration admins. Project admins are able to edit project details, add & remove themes, and manage other project worker's access rights. Iteration admins are allowed to create new iterations and edit iteration details.
A project velocity chart has been added to quickly show iteration velocities.
Some properties have been changed to fix a problem with mail authentication when not using SSL.

Posted by adam 2009-11-08

express-0.7.0 Released

Express 0.7.0 has been released and is available for download. Please download the README file as well for instructions on how to deploy and configure the application war. Due to some restrictions with the way that Flex BlazeDS applications compile, the current war file will only work correctly when deployed to the context root of your server. i.e. localhost:8080/ or If you need to deploy to a subdirectory then you will need to recompile the swf. This can be done by checking out the express-client module from git and executing the mvn compile goal.

Posted by adam 2009-11-03