#30 Database independence



not just Oracle should be supported, but generally please use a persistence Layer that is database vendor independend.
I see that there is hibernate involved, but still trying different databases I receive error "cannot create table this, cannot create table that"
maybe it is because of liqui* which I understand is for migration of databases. I guess that is a more complex topic.
However installing from scratch should always just work or people turn away.
It like love at first site when meeting the woman of your dreams. does not work with unbrushed teeth and skunk smell.

Otherwise it is a very impressive software once it works. great job.



  • adam

    adam - 2010-07-09

    Hi Christian,

    Yes, I am aware of this problem. I am using Liquibase to support database migrations from version to version which is platform independent. Unfortunately the maven plug-in I used to generate the initial change-sets generated data-types which are not supported in some databases. I became aware of this a while ago but fixing it would have cut existing users off from updates as changing the types in existing change-sets effects the md5 which liquibase maintains. I have a generic script in development (pretty well complete) which I will release with 0.8 and maintain the legacy script in parallel for a while and this should fix compatability issues for people wanting to use HSQL, Oracle and other dbs which don't support the shortened type format generated by the maven plug-in.


  • adam

    adam - 2010-07-09
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