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First Work Product from refactoring

In refactoring I decided that I did not like the sweeper process and have started working to replace it with something better. Injector is part of that something better. It is a C program to insert emails into MySQL from Postfix.

Injector makes use of libEtPan to parse the Email and do MIME decoding.

For anyone who is using beta 9 or earlier, Injector radically changes the DB schema. The next release will be incompatible with earlier versions.

Posted by James Stormes 2005-11-16

Refactoring and New Job

I have a new job and I am re-factoring some sections of the code. I am also replacing sweeper with a new C based program. So it may be some time before beta 10.

James Stormes

Posted by James Stormes 2005-09-28

New home page

We have a new home page and server at

Posted by James Stormes 2005-08-22

In Beta with 11 Agents

Lots of news:

We are now in beta with 11 agents using this in a production enviorment. (Yes production)

Our home page is dead. I hope to have a new one soon.


Posted by James Stormes 2005-08-17

Out of test into framework

We are out of the test harness phase and into the frame work phase. I have hidden all releases except for what we are working on. As the new modules and plugins are written to fit the new framwork I will add them bak.

Posted by James Stormes 2005-05-05

New Developer

We have a new developer Prakash. Prakash will be working on adding plugins to the current framwork.

Welcome abord Prakash.

Posted by James Stormes 2005-03-11

Demo Site

A new demo site is up, the demo site uses a striped down versions of the test harness to show some of the features. The demo is at

There are still allot of bugs, even in the demo, but the most of the agent interface is there.

Posted by James Stormes 2005-01-14

Test Harness Released

Verion Alpha 1 of the Test Harness is released. This is used to test some of the classes needed for the full app.

Posted by James Stormes 2005-01-06

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