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Aagatha 0.7 Released!

After almost a year since the last version.. I am happy to announce the release of the new Agatha mp3 streaming/playing front end. This version adds the much requested play on server support thanks to the mp3daemon perl package that was first released about the same time the last version of agatha came out. Use and enjoy... and let me know what you think of it in the forums.

- J -

Posted by Jared Watkins 2004-06-10

New release in the works... JS coders?

Hello all..

I'm working on the next release of agatha.. and returning better than ever will be the play on server feature I've had so many requests for. Before I get to that though... I'm hoping some nice soul who knows javascript can send me a corrected version of the small bit of JS code I use.. that will work in mozilla/firefox. I know almost nothing about JS.. and have not been able to figure out why it only works in IE. That would be much appreciated. ... read more

Posted by Jared Watkins 2004-05-17

New Release 0.6.5

This code has been sitting on my system far too long.. I could have kept tweaking it.. but I thought it needed to come out so others could take advantage. Please read the release notes for the changes.

Posted by Jared Watkins 2003-06-20

New Release In The Works!

I've been working on a complete (well almost) rewrite of Agatha.. and it will be ready for release Real Soon Now(c). New features include... cookie based identification to keep up with playlists. Improved playlist handling (much needed)... ID3 tag support for song length.. artist and title.. as well as a more complete multi language package. I've also cleaned up the code.. and added some error checking. It should run a little faster (without id3 tags enabled) and generally be more robust. I've also tried to eliminate any situations that might cause apache to hang. Why all the changes? I know a lot of you naughty people are using Agatha out on the public net.. which it was never really written to do... so I hope this will make it a little less of a security issue for you... but I make no promises.. If someone out there would like to point out ways it could be more secure/robust please feel free. ... read more

Posted by Jared Watkins 2002-05-21

Translators Needed!

The next release of Agatha is going to be multi lingual and I help from people to translate the strings. I already have Portuguese and Serbian but I want to include more than that! Translate the file.. and email it to me at


* File: ................ agatha-us-en.php
* Purpose: ............. Provide American English to Agatha
* Date released: ....... Sept 7 2001
* Date last updated: ... Sept 10 2001
* Author: ..............
* Modified By: .........
* * This is free code. Use it at your own risk!
*****************************************************************/... read more

Posted by Jared Watkins 2001-09-16

Help determine the direction of Agatha..

Over the next few weeks I'm looking for input on new features for Agatha. I'm already working on a multi language feature and can use some help in creating the translations for various languages. Check out the open discussion forum and tell me what you think.

Posted by Jared Watkins 2001-09-10

Feedback anyone?

Well the web site (as simple as it is) has been up for about two weeks now... getting some hits... so is anyone out there actually using it? I use agatha almost every day from home.. and work... so if you are using it post a message on the forum here and let me know! As my first coding project... public or otherwise... I'd like to hear from those using it.

Posted by Jared Watkins 2001-03-21

Initial Release!

Here it is... It's taken a little longer than I expected to get this out.. but I'm new to sourceforge and cvs.. so it's not bad considering. I know they will come.. so post your bugs and I'll try to address them.

Posted by Jared Watkins 2001-01-19

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