#1 playlists improvements / cookie handling


Hey Jimmy,
I got Agatha 6.1 working on my box finally. I figured out
your working with features requiring a newer version of
PHP than I had on my RH 7.1 box. I upgraded PHP
and it's alive an well now. Did you ever end up adding
functionality to select directories to add to playlists?
Also, my proxy is hell for a problem with swapping out
my IP so I required 6.1, but now I'm finding that my
cookiee doesn't stay consistent once my browser shuts
down… also, for some reason when I create the playlist
by hand through the hundreds of directories, when I
come back the next day it no longer works again and I
have to either do it all over or copy the playlist over to
what my new cookiee is. Might be easier to just key off
a word or some user pref type of thing instead of a
cookie… just an idea. I look forward to hearing back
from you, I use this all day at work and other than a few
of these issues love Agatha. I'm also a tester by trade,
so I'd be willing to field Beta releases as well if you


  • Jared Watkins

    Jared Watkins - 2003-09-25

    Logged In: YES

    Cookie issues were fixed by 0.6.6... I know this is a little
    late in closing the request... sorry.. =]

  • Jared Watkins

    Jared Watkins - 2003-09-25
    • status: open --> closed

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