How are you using Agatha?

  • Jared Watkins

    Jared Watkins - 2001-03-21

    I use Agatha almost every day on my home lan.. and at the office... how are you using it?  Let me know! Any interest in a star trek/LCARS style touch based interface?  I've been developing that sort of thing for other projects...

    • Minus Preston Macintosh

      I haven't installed the app yet as I don't have my end network set up.  Can I use this software to dedicate a server to MP3's in my house with 3 users?  I mean.. when a user picks a track to play.. does he then download the mp3 to his computer instead of playing it right on the server over ethernet?  -- I'm hopping it can play right from the server.

    • Dromio

      Dromio - 2001-06-21

      I built a similar php page a while ago, but found it didn't work anymore with later versions of PHP.  Being too lazy to go through it, I looked around and found Agatha, and it's very cool.  I use it to listen to the collection on my home mp3 server while I am at the office.  So far, I have had no real issues with it.

      Here's a couple of suggestions.  They are small enough that I could do them myself, but others may appreciate it as well:

      1.  Make it easier to customize the look.  No need for a full template or skinning system, just making it CSS-based would be enough for me.
      2.  The "Select All" button currently selects Shuffle and Add To Playlist as well as all the selected songs.  I usually end up de-selecting these two.
      3.  Convert underscores to spaces in the display.  All my directories/filenames have underscores instead of spaces, but I'd rather see them looking pretty.

      It looks like you made it to fit into the minibrowser of winamp (a great idea).  However, on each new song in my stream, the minibrowser goes to winamp's site.  Does anyone know if there is there any way to disable this? 

    • Jon Morgan

      Jon Morgan - 2001-06-26


      I'm using Agatha 0.4.3 at home. I use both stream and play local options. I like the idea
      of customizing the look with CSS. What is LCARS? I'll try to look that up. Anyway very
      nice job so far, thanks for a great tool!

    • Anonymous - 2001-07-21

      I have a home network with 6 workstations attached to a linux server. This program allows us to keep a central mp3 collection, customize our playlists to our individual tastes, and runs very well utilizing minimal resources. Thanks for putting it out there for others to use.


    • Cassiano Surek

      Cassiano Surek - 2001-08-21


      Nice stuff you got there! :)
      Me and my friend are using it through our companies' links. :) It's way cool.

      Thank you,

      Cass Surek

    • aamen

      aamen - 2001-11-20

      I'm using agatha to listen my music collection at home. on job i have 40Gb with music but at home i have 3Gb hdd :))) easy to listen trought agatha.

    • aamen

      aamen - 2002-10-25

      check out by yourself...

    • J White

      J White - 2003-09-15

      I use it to stream to two local PCs at home and buy using ip restrictions and htaccess I stream to my work PC with out broadcasting to the whole world. You program has made me look like a genius at work.

      You see we have a little policy about downloading anything to the pc, but nothing is said about streaming content.

    • Jared Watkins

      Jared Watkins - 2003-09-25

      That's the same way I use it too... just what it was designed for... it's good to hear from people still using it.... 


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