streaming at a lower bitrate?

  • Anonymous - 2001-11-23

    it there a way that you can make it streaming at the lower bitrate?

    • aamen

      aamen - 2001-12-11

      this feature will be a great thing for decreasing trafic if agatha server is on slow line... i need thing like this on my network.

    • Jared Watkins

      Jared Watkins - 2001-12-13

      No... that would require recompression of the stream.. and that's just not something I want to put in here.  If you need that an icecast server might be a better choice.  If I can get one of those working on my system at home I may experiment with agatha feeding into an icecast... sort of a front end for playing songs and playlists.

    • Anonymous - 2002-07-31

      yes please that would be awesome... agatha is nice for streaming on my 100mbit lan but when I am at work and I try to stream them from my mp3 fileserver, it buffers out every like 5 seconds because my cable modem is capped at 128k upload and my mp3s are 256k or higher bitrate..  impossible to stream


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