• Jared Watkins

    Jared Watkins - 2001-09-10

    I'm thinking of reworking the way playlists are stored on the server to use individual logins instead of being based on your client ip...  I would like to know the thoughts of you users out there...   I avoided doing that on purpose at first.. as I liked the simplicity of the current method... but I know it has limitations. 

    So let's hear it.. do you want a simple login system?  If I do this I will make it as complete as possible.. with a web user manager or possibly an ldap option. 

    As a bonus for reading this.. I'm working on a multi language feature for the next release.. so if you are fluent in a foreign language and would like to do the translation of a few words and phrases let me know!

    • aamen

      aamen - 2002-08-18

      that will be a cool feature, coz now i need to use apache basic auth. to allow/not allow some users listen and download... <-- check out by yourselh how nice agatha can be on web. (if there is no music... that means smb share is disconnected)

    • J White

      J White - 2003-09-15

      Authentication would be great. Don't stray from the "keep it simple" idea, it has worked so well to this point. Come out with the basic options to test the water and expand on customer demand.

    • Jared Watkins

      Jared Watkins - 2003-09-25

      Customers?  Since when do I have customers?  That would seem to imply some sort of compensation...  =]


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