Announcing afpfs-ng 0.8, an open source AFP client

We're happy to announce a new release of afpfs-ng, an open source AFP client that's tested for Linux and (to some extent) FreeBSD and Mac OS X. This will help you access files on AFP servers, such as Mac OS and Netatalk.

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What is new in afpfs-ng-0.8, February 18, 2008

1. New command line (non-FUSE) tools:

a) batch mode of afpcmd

This lets you do simple transfers, eg.

> afpcmd afp://user:pass@server/alexdevries/linux-2.6.14.tar.bz2
Connected to server Cubalibre using UAM "DHX2"
Connected to volume alexdevries
Getting file /linux-2.6.14.tar.bz2
Transferred 39172170 bytes in 2.862 seconds. (13687 kB/s)

b) interactive mode of afpcmd

This is file transfer tool similiar to an ftp client. Has (local) filename completion and command history.

c) get status tool, afpgetstatus

A simple tool to get the status information of a server without logging in.

2. FUSE client improvements

Continuation of FUSE client development, including the introduction of a new tool called mount_afp, which has the same syntax as in Mac OS X. Better status and post-deployment debugging, proper forced or unforced exit and other bugs.

3. Protocol fixes

Many protocol enhancements and bug fixes, including: support for AFP 2.x, multiple servers, session keys, signatures, meta information, chmod and chown fixes. Tested against Mac OS X, OS9, Airport and netatalk.

File transfer performance is now similiar or faster to Mac OS X.

4. Development library

The source code of afpfs-ng has now been changed to a library (libafpclient) and support for multiple clients (examples are FUSE, afpcmd, afpgetstatus). With this library, more AFP clients (GIO, KIO) can be built with limited pain. This API is
not yet stabilized.

5. Other

FUSE client fully validated on Linux, builds on FreeBSD.
Command line client builds and runs on Linux, runs but is weakly tested on FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

There are manpages.

Posted by Alex deVries 2008-02-20

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