Error when mounting with fstab (afpfsd)

M. P.
  • M. P.

    M. P. - 2009-07-28

    I try to use afpfs-ng with the suggested fstab-entry under under ubuntu 9.04. I installed the 0.8.1-deb-package and a direct mounting works flawlessly. But when only mounting with fstab, it says :
    The afpfs daemon does not appear to be running for uid 1000, let me start it for you
    Could not find server (afpfsd)
    Error in starting up afpfsd

    afpfsd is in place under /usr/bin and if i start it directly, it works as assumed. Is there any way i can load /usr/bin/afpfsd before mounting the afp-shares? Any path variable he is missing when i do an sudo mount -a ???ß

    • Alex deVries

      Alex deVries - 2009-07-28


      A few questions:

      - once you've done the mount directly, what's the output of 'afp_client status' ?

      - what does your fstab look like?

      - does the following work:
        a) as uid 1000, run "afpfsd -d" (and record the output please)
        b) run 'mount -a' as root

      Let me know...

      - Alex

      • kurthindenburg

        kurthindenburg - 2009-08-09

        a)  afpfsd -d
        Starting up AFPFS version 0.8.1
        b) FUSE reported the following error:
        unique: 1, opcode: INIT (26), nodeid: 0, insize: 56
        INIT: 7.10
           INIT: 7.8
           unique: 1, error: 0 (Success), outsize: 40

        AFPFS Version: 0.8.1
        UAMs compiled in: Cleartxt Passwrd, No User Authent, Randnum Exchange, 2-Way Randnum Exchange, DHCAST128, DHX2
        Server Kurt Hindenburg’s iMac
            connection: (active)
            using AFP version: AFP3.2
            server UAMs: DHCAST128, Client Krb v2, DHX2 (used), Recon1
            login message:
            type: Macintosh
            signature: 0017ffffff6b000000060000060e0000
            transmit delay: 0ms
            quantums: 262144(tx) 131072(rx)
            last request id: 31 in queue: 0
            transfer: 746(rx) 922(tx)
            runt packets: 0
            Volume svn, id 1, attribs 0x2c6c mounted: /opt/KDE/sources/remote
                did cache stats: 0 miss, 0 hit, 0 expired, 0 force removal
                uid/gid mapping: Login ids (505/505)
                Unix permissions: Yes


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