CodeFlakes - 2012-02-14

I'm trying to access an AFP share with the default guest account and when I type:

./mount_afp  'afp://;AUTH=No User Authent@' /tmp/afp
I get Authentification Failed

and with
./mount_afp  'afp://;AUTH=No%20User%20Authent@' /tmp/afp
I get Could Not Parse URL

I've compiled the latest sources on a x68 ubuntu
I've validate from a mac that the same line mount_afp  'afp://;AUTH=No User Authent@' /tmp/afp works correctly with the original mount_afp of OSX.

I've tried to look at the code in afp_parse_url but I could not locate the exact problem.

./mount_afp  'afp://;AUTH=No User Authent@' /tmp/afp