Input/output error stack smashing detected

  • xerxes22

    xerxes22 - 2010-12-12

    Hello, I tried out afpfs-ng 0.8.1 deb on ubuntu 10.10

    $ afp_client mount -u xxxx -p yyyy afp
    The afpfs daemon does not appear to be running for uid 1000, let me start it for you
    Mounting from WebServer on afp
    Mounting of volume WebServer of server lvps83-169-35-111 succeeded.

    $ cd afp
    bash: cd: afp: Input/output error

    $ afp_client status
    *** stack smashing detected ***: <unknown> terminated
    ======= Backtrace: =========

    ======= Memory map: ========

    Any Idea ?

  • Anonymous - 2011-03-22

    I am having the same problem on Ubuntu 10.10

    # mount_afp afp://user:pwd@ /tmp/abc
    Mounting from WD_Backup on /tmp/abc
    Mounting of volume WD_Backup of server nas01 succeeded.

    # afp_client status
    AFPFS Version: 0.8.1
    UAMs compiled in: Cleartxt Passwrd, No User Authent, Randnum Exchange, 2-Way Randnum Exchange, DHCAST128, DHX2
    Server nas01
        connection: (active)
        using AFP version: AFP3.2
        server UAMs: No User Authent, Cleartxt Passwrd, DHCAST128 (used)
        login message:
        type: Netatalk
        signature: 30303930613936653834616500000000
        transmit delay: 0ms
        quantums: 303840(tx) 131072(rx)
        last request id: 10 in queue: 0
        transfer: 278(rx) 386(tx)
        runt packets: 0
        Volume WD_Backup, id 1, attribs 0x4c mounted: /tmp/abc
            did cache stats: 0 miss, 0 hit, 0 expired, 0 force removal
            uid/gid mapping: Login ids (502/1000)
            Unix permissions: No, Netatalk permissions broken: Unknown

    And I cant seem to find any fix anywhere.

  • Anonymous - 2011-03-22

    Forgot to add the error

    # ls -la /tmp/abc
    ls: cannot access /tmp/abc: Input/output error

  • Eric Martel

    Eric Martel - 2012-04-18

    Same problem with Mandriva 2011.0.


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