Afp 2013 Log

Commit Date  
[ab026a] by kleing

perl operator precendence

2013-07-03 12:34:34 Tree
[98b131] by nipkow

correct html link

2013-07-01 08:36:16 Tree
[3ca82d] by nipkow

rebased on Library

2013-07-01 08:29:43 Tree
[077455] by nipkow


2013-07-01 08:10:30 Tree
[1652d5] by nipkow


2013-07-01 07:29:00 Tree
[ff4358] by nipkow

new entry Sort_Encodings

2013-07-01 07:21:14 Tree
[007b38] by kleing

slightly more robust parsing of build output

2013-06-29 03:17:38 Tree
[e55496] by kleing

bibtex URLs with .shtml

2013-06-18 05:20:20 Tree
[0a0bf0] by kleing

fixed link

2013-06-08 17:11:33 Tree
[924330] by kleing

link to usage instructions from the front page

2013-06-08 17:09:36 Tree
[a84320] by kleing

AFP setup for ShortestPath

2013-05-30 06:49:18 Tree
[854e12] by kleing

submission ShortestPath by Christine Rizkallah

2013-05-30 06:22:32 Tree
[daa305] by kleing

added Lars' homepage; build Garph_Theory on HOL-Library session

2013-05-02 03:10:10 Tree
[b0739f] by nipkow

nw entry Graph_Theory

2013-05-02 02:19:17 Tree
[def82e] by kleing

new download link

2013-04-29 22:31:36 Tree
[0a554d] by kleing

make bibtex font normal size

2013-04-27 00:22:00 Tree
[6a8730] by kleing

add Joachim's homepage

2013-04-27 00:04:07 Tree
[43282c] by kleing

regenerated web site

2013-04-26 23:58:03 Tree
[2f7fe6] by kleing

tweaked bibtex output

2013-04-26 23:56:26 Tree
[32d726] by Joachim Breitner Joachim Breitner

Initial Bibtex support

2013-04-26 11:26:55 Tree
[c7fbd6] by kleing

update for changed dir structure in export

2013-04-23 01:07:11 Tree
[f3a1ee] by kleing

include benchmarks in test

2013-04-21 07:41:44 Tree
[4243f5] by kleing

build Containers entry directly on Datatype_Order_Generator session

2013-04-21 07:30:44 Tree
[146f9a] by kleing

regenerated web page

2013-04-21 07:24:06 Tree
[1ff1bf] by kleing

shorter base path, builds on HOL-Library only

2013-04-21 07:23:06 Tree
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