Afp 2013 Log

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[4b1545] (Isabelle2011-1) by lammich lammich


2011-10-10 13:59:50 Tree
[8729b3] by lammich lammich

Collections: Maintenance change and added some new operations. See metadata for details.

2011-10-10 13:53:26 Tree
[d31f0a] by kleing

merged from release branch

2011-10-10 09:49:09 Tree
[d82a8d] by kleing

switch archive to 2011-1

2011-10-10 09:46:07 Tree
[0e48fb] by kleing

Added tag Isabelle2011-1 for changeset 5dd878a5f54a

2011-10-10 09:46:58 Tree
[5dd878] by Ren? Thiemann Ren? Thiemann

added trivial lemma about monotonicity of ^^

2011-10-10 08:25:30 Tree
[672264] by griff

dropped function "zip_option" and corresponding lemmas (since it is not used inside our AFP entries; it was moved to the IsaFoR repository, changeset: bc2aa21a812d

2011-10-05 09:52:00 Tree
[76aec3] by griff

renamed decomp to more appropriate zip_option and strengthened corresponding lemmas

2011-09-30 12:26:15 Tree
[015f83] by Gerwin Klein Gerwin Klein

hgignore more files, in particular JinjaThreads/generated

2011-09-30 01:36:44 Tree
[0cb3e5] by Andreas Lochbihler

fixed code generator setup
native methods must be explicitly declared
various cleanup of JinjaThreads

2011-09-29 09:12:40 Tree
[f4eb31] by Andreas Lochbihler

more efficient implementation of list_of (thanks to Brian)

2011-09-29 06:52:09 Tree
[fdef30] by Christian Urban Christian Urban

added the closure under sub- and super-strings of a language (this depends on Higman's lemma from the Isabelle theory)

2011-09-28 14:12:58 Tree
[761923] by wenzelm

eliminated hard tabs;

2011-09-27 14:37:28 Tree
[eef705] by kleing

updated to devel version (by Brian)

2011-09-27 08:26:45 Tree
[e8a1d9] by kleing

updates to devel version (by Brian)

2011-09-27 08:22:07 Tree
[a8131b] by kleing

updates to devel version (by Brian)

2011-09-27 08:21:08 Tree
[4b23aa] by kleing


2011-09-27 08:15:40 Tree
[4b7998] by kleing

added metadata for PseudoHoops, tuned entry order

2011-09-27 08:10:19 Tree
[1bd3ff] by kleing

standard IsaMakefile + config; use LatticeProperties image

2011-09-27 08:05:37 Tree
[55c899] by kleing

Pseudo Hoops by Viorel Preoteasa

2011-09-27 08:00:55 Tree
[a67e5b] by kleing

added metadata for MonoBoolTranAlgebra

2011-09-27 08:00:04 Tree
[0555a5] by kleing

standard IsaMakefile, use LatticeProperties image

2011-09-27 07:54:29 Tree
[fb1b9d] by kleing

generate image for use in other entries

2011-09-27 07:52:59 Tree
[59e014] by kleing

abstract change request

2011-09-27 07:40:13 Tree
[81142d] by kleing

Algebra of Monotonic Boolean Transformers by Viorel Preoteasa

2011-09-27 07:37:05 Tree
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