Tree [7ee079] default tip / admin /

File Date Author Commit
 churn 2009-09-27 haftmann haftmann [3944d8] added churn script
 devel-copy 2011-04-03 kleing kleing [7ea318] overwrite old status page, don't append to it 2013-01-06 kleing kleing [d32ace] one-liner to generate ROOTS file
 get-releases 2013-11-17 [c1c76b] remove Example submission from releases
 hg-sync 2013-12-11 kleing kleing [05dffd] bump version number
 mail-attach 2010-07-14 [e3de73] send mail on Darwin as well
 main-config 2013-01-17 [e56cfe] removed Lukas from the list
 make-web-devel 2013-03-13 kleing kleing [578fc5] export etc+tools into devel snapshot 2013-08-20 krauss krauss [c58373] do not keep heap images around -- too heavy; 2011-01-19 haftmann haftmann [a39c21] experimental script to build configuration file... 2013-03-08 kleing kleing [882fde] new SF URLs
 prepare-release 2013-03-10 kleing kleing [53ca0f] use isabelle build for devel releases
 publish 2013-12-11 kleing kleing [05dffd] bump version number
 regression 2013-06-29 kleing kleing [007b38] slightly more robust parsing of build output 2013-07-03 kleing kleing [ab026a] perl operator precendence
 sitegen 2011-02-10 kleing kleing [d2c415] pass options on to 2014-04-10 kleing kleing [1d668c] correct mistake introduced when reducing warnings
 status.tpl 2013-12-02 Lars Hupel Lars Hupel [9c61d7] migrate from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 2013-12-03 Lars Hupel Lars Hupel [1abd6a] use terminal colors to indicate errors/warnings
 testall 2013-04-19 kleing kleing [e29310] quick and dirty version of testall for isabelle...
 user-aliases 2009-09-27 [1c511e] fixed typo

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