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+<h1><font class="first">A</font>
+<font class="first">F</font>ormalization
+<font class="first">D</font>eclassification
+<font class="first">W</font>HAT-and-WHERE-Security
+<table width="80%" class="data">
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+    <tr><td class="datahead" width="20%">Title:</td>
+        <td class="data" width="80%">A Formalization of Declassification with WHAT-and-WHERE-Security</td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="datahead">Author:</td>
+        <td class="data">Sylvia Grewe (grewe /at/ mais /dot/ informatik /dot/ tu-darmstadt /dot/ de), Alexander Lux (lux /at/ mais /dot/ informatik /dot/ tu-darmstadt /dot/ de), Heiko Mantel (mantel /at/ mais /dot/ informatik /dot/ tu-darmstadt /dot/ de) and Jens Sauer (sauer /at/ mais /dot/ informatik /dot/ tu-darmstadt /dot/ de)</td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="datahead">Submission date:</td>
+        <td class="data">2014-04-23</td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="datahead" valign="top">Abstract:</td>
+        <td class="abstract">
+Research in information-flow security aims at developing methods to
+identify undesired information leaks within programs from private
+sources to public sinks. Noninterference captures this intuition by
+requiring that no information whatsoever flows from private sources
+to public sinks. However, in practice this definition is often too
+strict: Depending on the intuitive desired security policy, the
+controlled declassification of certain private information (WHAT) at
+certain points in the program (WHERE) might not result in an
+undesired information leak.
+We present an Isabelle/HOL formalization of such a security property
+for controlled declassification, namely WHAT&WHERE-security from
+"Scheduler-Independent Declassification" by Lux, Mantel, and Perner.
+The formalization includes
+compositionality proofs for and a soundness proof for a security
+type system that checks for programs in a simple while language with
+dynamic thread creation.
+Our formalization of the security type system is abstract in the
+language for expressions and in the semantic side conditions for
+expressions. It can easily be instantiated with different syntactic
+approximations for these side conditions. The soundness proof of
+such an instantiation boils down to showing that these syntactic
+approximations imply the semantic side conditions.
+This Isabelle/HOL formalization uses theories from the entry
+Strong Security.
+        </td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="datahead" valign="top">BibTeX:</td>
+        <td class="formatted">
+			<pre>@article{WHATandWHERE_Security-AFP,
+  author  = {Sylvia Grewe and Alexander Lux and Heiko Mantel and Jens Sauer},
+  title   = {A Formalization of Declassification with WHAT-and-WHERE-Security},
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+  month   = apr,
+  year    = 2014,
+  note    = {\url{},
+            Formal proof development},
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+        </td></tr>
+    <tr><td class="datahead">License:</td>
+        <td class="data"><a href="">BSD License</a></td></tr>
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+	<a href="<!--#echo var="outline" -->">Proof outline</a><br>
+	<a href="<!--#echo var="doc" -->">Proof document</a>
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