Afp 2011 Log

Commit Date  
[fe8882] (defaulttip) by nipkow

tuned html

2011-11-27 20:00:14 Tree
[9cedbc] by nipkow

fixed typo

2011-11-27 19:53:37 Tree
[f01853] by nipkow

New entry TLA

2011-11-27 19:43:18 Tree
[4b7998] by kleing

added metadata for PseudoHoops, tuned entry order

2011-09-27 08:10:19 Tree
[1bd3ff] by kleing

standard IsaMakefile + config; use LatticeProperties image

2011-09-27 08:05:37 Tree
[55c899] by kleing

Pseudo Hoops by Viorel Preoteasa

2011-09-27 08:00:55 Tree
[a67e5b] by kleing

added metadata for MonoBoolTranAlgebra

2011-09-27 08:00:04 Tree
[0555a5] by kleing

standard IsaMakefile, use LatticeProperties image

2011-09-27 07:54:29 Tree
[fb1b9d] by kleing

generate image for use in other entries

2011-09-27 07:52:59 Tree
[59e014] by kleing

abstract change request

2011-09-27 07:40:13 Tree
[81142d] by kleing

Algebra of Monotonic Boolean Transformers by Viorel Preoteasa

2011-09-27 07:37:05 Tree
[6f3e5a] by kleing

added LatticeProperties to metadata

2011-09-27 07:36:15 Tree
[59ef0a] by kleing

new version of abstract

2011-09-27 07:30:18 Tree
[3746f0] by kleing

LatticeProperties by Viorel Preoteasa

2011-09-27 07:24:40 Tree
[ae19b5] by nipkow

fixed date

2011-08-19 15:22:52 Tree
[dea595] by nipkow

new entry

2011-08-19 15:18:12 Tree
[7dd140] by nipkow


2011-08-19 12:54:39 Tree
[a8d95d] by nipkow

Added Gauus-Jordan-Elim-Fun

2011-08-19 12:53:28 Tree
[37ccb5] by nipkow

fixed author

2011-08-15 09:13:44 Tree
[17685f] by nipkow

new web pages

2011-08-15 09:06:16 Tree
[889241] by nipkow

New entry Max-Card-Matching

2011-08-15 08:09:11 Tree
[7a86e0] by

added config file for KBPs

2011-06-03 14:17:30 Tree
[138ef1] by kleing

Standard proof document format.

2011-05-19 12:33:35 Tree
[df3766] by kleing

meta data for KBPs

2011-05-18 01:55:02 Tree
[ea9bad] by kleing

original KBPs submission by Peter Gammie

2011-05-18 01:35:07 Tree
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