Afp 2011 Log

Commit Date  
[32f8ca] (HRBSlicing-changes) by kleing

closed branch

2010-06-28 23:57:26 Tree
[fd60a1] by kleing


2010-06-28 23:56:52 Tree
[9e7722] (Isabelle2009) by kleing

closed branch

2010-06-28 23:55:49 Tree
[f30eb9] by kleing

added 2009-1 to older releases

2010-06-28 23:45:24 Tree
[323743] by kleing

added 2009-2 release to list

2010-06-28 23:44:26 Tree
[87327c] by kleing

re-added Example submission

2010-06-28 11:34:54 Tree
[1c9eee] by kleing

updated releases and release dates.

2010-06-28 11:28:40 Tree
[b1cb62] by kleing

adjusted css slightly for topic index.

2010-06-28 11:23:00 Tree
[3b8a0d] by kleing

regenerated web pages.

2010-06-28 11:19:26 Tree
[40049d] by kleing

Changed order of entries to keep order of topics.shtml.

2010-06-28 11:19:18 Tree
[5e787a] by kleing

made executable

2010-06-28 11:18:43 Tree
[fb69cb] by kleing

metadata for new Category Theory entry

2010-06-28 11:07:35 Tree
[d548d8] by kleing

merged website generator.

2010-06-28 11:05:32 Tree
[6e7da6] by hupel


2010-06-17 17:19:01 Tree
[3c13e9] by hupel

updating metadata to bfdf72085a52

2010-06-17 17:14:41 Tree
[c76702] by hupel

Changes due to first invocation of sitegen script

2010-06-17 13:32:06 Tree
[9c063b] by hupel

Adding the new sitegen script for website generation

2010-06-17 13:31:20 Tree
[f7416d] by kleing


2010-06-28 11:03:46 Tree
[87c784] by kleing

Backed out changeset dfb76a8b81eb for Isabelle2009-2 compatibility.

2010-06-28 11:03:32 Tree
[40530e] by haftmann

"prod" and "sum" replace "*" and "+" respectively; qualified constants Set.member and Set.Collect

2010-07-02 06:18:07 Tree
[c0440d] by

New thread interruption model

2010-06-29 13:06:59 Tree
[3e690f] by haftmann


2010-06-29 05:54:06 Tree
[5f451e] by haftmann

alldistinct is distinct; infix mem is abbreviation for "in set"

2010-06-29 05:53:23 Tree
[e0258f] by haftmann

dropped cvs id

2010-06-29 05:53:19 Tree
[2ef497] by haftmann

List.insert replaces insert_list

2010-06-29 05:53:14 Tree
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