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<!-- Title: -->Tree Automata
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<!-- Author: -->Peter Lammich (peter lammich at uni-muenster de)
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<td class="data"><!-- Submission date: -->2009-11-25</td></tr>

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<!-- Abstract: -->	
  This work presents a machine-checked tree automata library for Standard-ML, OCaml and Haskell.
  The algorithms are efficient by using appropriate data structures like RB-trees.
  The available algorithms for non-deterministic automata include membership query, reduction, intersection,
  union, and emptiness check with computation of a witness for non-emptiness.
  The executable algorithms are derived from less-concrete, non-executable algorithms using
  data-refinement techniques. The concrete data structures are from the Isabelle Collections Framework.

  Moreover, this work contains a formalization of the class of tree-regular languages and its closure properties under set operations.


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