Afp 2003 Log

Commit Date  
[0d2e6c] by lsf37

separate reports for devel and release

2004-03-14 03:54:04 Tree
[0755cd] by lsf37

put tmp file in /tmp, better log file name, use nice for test runs

2004-03-12 00:56:14 Tree
[1cf7e8] by lsf37

generate report, send mail if entry status changes

2004-03-11 10:20:29 Tree
[c0e9ff] by lsf37

send email with attachments

2004-03-11 10:19:35 Tree
[367d4c] by lsf37

generate status report (ok/failed) for each entry from test log file.
print diff to last report.

2004-03-11 08:52:20 Tree
[e599ce] by lsf37

main config file for email addresses etc

2004-03-11 08:51:31 Tree
[d73a92] by lsf37

use ML_IDENTIFIER to find heaps in devel version

2004-03-09 10:30:56 Tree
[91c78a] by lsf37


2004-03-09 09:58:41 Tree
[c4f2e1] by lsf37

fix image path in regression test for devel version

2004-03-09 09:48:26 Tree
[abf3a5] by lsf37

fix author url

2004-03-05 11:01:02 Tree
[55436a] by lsf37

editors in alphabetic order

2004-03-05 07:12:46 Tree
[672f05] by lsf37

fixed links

2004-03-05 07:09:51 Tree
[2be918] by lsf37

fixed links

2004-03-05 07:07:38 Tree
[31b61d] by lsf37


2004-03-05 06:57:50 Tree
[90ccd9] by lsf37

cleaned up log files

2004-03-05 06:50:39 Tree
[8f5511] by lsf37

more info in email, use settings for polyml

2004-03-05 06:32:09 Tree
[beb48f] by lsf37

do not run test when isabelle devel broken

2004-03-05 06:22:07 Tree
[bd4840] by lsf37

fixed typo, made quieter

2004-03-05 06:01:03 Tree
[a19cd1] by lsf37

say which tests failed

2004-03-05 05:42:33 Tree
[55a5ae] by lsf37

initial checkin

2004-03-05 05:41:44 Tree
[c5a4cc] by lsf37

add header

2004-03-04 06:30:19 Tree
[5f7362] by lsf37

cron job for auto-sync of head with branch

2004-03-04 04:46:27 Tree
[aa8540] by lsf37

factored out entry dir name

2004-02-27 01:26:46 Tree
[7ca61e] by lsf37

fixes image path

2004-02-27 00:39:19 Tree
[9e8a9e] by lsf37

file sizes etc

2004-02-27 00:36:23 Tree
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