Afick 2.15-1 (stable) released

afick is another file integrity checker, designed to be fast and fully portable between Unix and Windows platforms.

new features
- check_config warns about environment variables in config file
- clean_config try to replace environment variables in config file
- allow to work as admin on vista/seven (uac)

- afick_cron now use sh syntax instead bash syntax (patch from Mike Muise)
- fix hostname call for non GNU unix in afick_cron (patch from Mike Muise)

bug fix
- fix error with activeperl on S_ISBLK (bug request from Francis Favorini)

- add 64 bits lib directories in afick config and
- ( addlib also add libs from ldd command on perl binary

- avoid loosing time in print_digest in null (patch from Mike Muise)
- fix english typo (suggest from Francis Favorini)

Posted by eric gerbier 2010-04-21

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