great news!
Would you like to improve the MAILTO function to let me set the smtp server and auth info.
Thank you !

2011/10/7 <>

afick is another file integrity checker, designed to be fast and fully portable between Unix and
Windows platforms.

bug fix
* (windows) fix a bug : alias are case-sensitive
* (windows) fix afick_set_planning bug, use absolute path to afick_planning
* (windows) fix a bug in stat_secu : getpwent does not work on windows
* (windows) fix a bug in about commented macros (mail)

new features
* (windows) add a delete button in

* try to compute checksum without NOATIME
* config pod doc match config sample sections names
* (windows) fix junction directories warning (can not open directory in parcours)

* environment variables in config file are expanded on fly at begin of run

* rename calc_control into auto_control_check
* add auto_control_prepare sub
* rename get_names into get_script_list
* add get_database_list
* rename add_database_control into auto_control_prepdb
* check also database in auto-control_check
* add is_special_dir sub

Key fingerprint = 03EE E264 B0DA 707E BDDB  A703 3738 7AAB CB6F A42A

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