Install hangs after /etc/service entry

Fred Z
  • Fred Z

    Fred Z - 2005-02-25

    trying to install afbackup on a suse 9.0 i get the following:
    After the question:
    Should we add an entry to /etc/services for this
    service ?...
    Your choice (Yes/No/port/servicename) [Yes]: Yes

    An entry for this service is necessary in the system
    file .

    Here the machine hangs and will not proceed installation.

    Checking ps ax on second console I have followinng entries atm:
    0:08 /bin/sh ./Install
    0:00 /bin/grep -E ^[ ?]*afbackup([ ?].*)?$

    Please let me know whats wrong maybe.


    • Albert Fluegel

      Albert Fluegel - 2005-02-28

      This phenomenon is not really reasonable. There must
      be another egrep with /etc/services as argument.
      If in this process tree (run pstree -plan <egrep-pid> )
      there is no other egrep or probably a defunct process,
      you are probably facing a bit older linux kernel problem, where
      a subprocess exits and it's parent is not getting aware
      of it. when you run strace -p <pid-of-egrep>  you see
      probably a read(0, ... system call being in progress.
      There must be a pipe to another process (check using
      lsof -p <pid-of-egrep> and see the file descriptor 0 for
      some hex-code specifying the pipe and run lsof|grep <hex-code>
      to find the other process, that is trying to write to this
      pipe. This might probably help.


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