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Major Update in CVS

I updated the source tree today with lasted version of Aeru IRC with lots of update. Here the list:<br>
-Aeru IRC is less buggy<br>
-Fixed the colorisation bug<br>
-Removed the workaround to add channel(now using the real function instead)<br>
-Added query managnent(private messages)<br>
-Added a Preferences class to store preferences and then save it in a XML file<br>
-Added INVITE, QUIT and NICK message in the parser<br>
-Modified the Connection Form to manage Group<br>
-Cleaned somes functions.<br><br>
If you want this almost beta version, check out the source code from the CVS or wait while I will post a binary packtage. Seen you soon!

Posted by Michaël Larouche 2003-01-19

First working version in CVS

You can now get a first working version in the CVS. Be warned, the IRCParser class is not complete and IRCConnection still left somes bugs.
Also, in command line, you must use raw IRC Protocol and not mIRC style command(like /join).
Feel free to add comments, suggestions of features and code snipplets on the forums.
Check out CVS on each day, new revisions of IRCParser and IRCConnection will come.

Posted by Michaël Larouche 2002-11-08

New Aeru IRC in planning

I have decided to restart the Aeru IRC project from the beginning. My connection method wasn't very great and my irc "parser" was very basic. Now, I'm will use more Object Oriented Programming. I will create a class for IRC Connection and a class for parsing IRC messages. Also, Aeru IRC is now under GPL license. Finally, I currently get familiar with MagicLibrary( for the new GUI.
-Shock The Dark Mage

Posted by Michaël Larouche 2002-11-05

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