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mod_epp 1.10 Released

1.10 (November 2013)


The xmlcgi input filter would potentially return more data
than the downstream filter asked for. This seems to be
fine for some backends, but php5 croaks on this.

Fixed by using a temporary bucket-brigade.

The debugging for version 1.10 was sponsored by CentralNic.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2013-11-24

mod_epp 1.9

This is version 1.9 of mod_epp.


* Bugfix:
- mod_proxy needs unparsed_uri to be set in the request
structure in Apache 2.2.22. Fixed by calling ap_parse_uri.

- Eliminate compiler warnings

- logout clears information about the session now
after calling the handler.
(Suggested by lilian @

The debugging for version 1.9 was sponsored by CentralNic.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2012-09-03

mod_epp 1.8

There is a serious bug in mod_epp 1.7 which has been fixed in mod_epp 1.8. I recommend an upgrade, especially if

* you're seeing corrupted answers
* you're running a mod_proxy setup

The debugging for version 1.8 was sponsored by SIDN.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2011-04-05

mod_epp 1.7


I've released mod_epp 1.7 which contains a number of bug fixes. One of them is rather serious.

Thanks to CentralNIC for funding the debugging effort.

A new feature (pass original epp frame) was suggested by Steve Voorn.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2010-09-06

mod_epp 1.6

I've just released mod_epp 1.6. Changes:

* Bugfix: Internal EPP error messages work again
* Default value for EPPAuthURI
* New config statement: EPPReturncodeHeader
- Backend can signal EPP RC to mod_epp
* New feature: implicit login
- EPPAuthURI = implicit
- no special request to authenticate
- uses either HTTP error code or via EPPReturncodeHeader
of the <login> command.
* New feature: User-Agent: header set
* Bufix/Feature: Connection close now works on mod_proxy
- X-Connection
- via EPP return code... read more

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2009-12-16

mod_epp 1.5

This is a maintenance release. As I don't have mod_epp in production use myself, this is not extensively tested.

There are two changes:

output filter: Handle missing EOS buckets by setting aside the brigade. This should help dealing with large replies.

README: Document AcceptFilter config for Apache 2.2.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2008-06-26

mod_epp 1.4

Two fixes.

Compiles now with Apache 2.2.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2006-11-28

Off-site info on mod_epp

CentralNic's page for mod_epp stuff can be found at .

Included are spec files for Redhat and a patch for Apache 2.2.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2006-05-26

mod_epp 1.3

Version 1.3 fixes a bug in the processing of large incoming EPP frames.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2006-05-02

Version 1.2 of mod_epp released

Version 1.2 fixes two bugs in the input/output filters which led to lockups when the requests were handled by PHP scripts.

Thanks to Gavin Brown from Centralnic for the bug report and the sandbox where I did the debugging.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2005-02-07


Yes, I am still alive.

Fact is, we are working on other projects right now. As for mod_epp: I'm waiting for the release of the epp RFCs in order to do a maintenance release which will remove the EPPVersion option and update the documentation.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2003-09-30

mod_epp 1.0 released

I have release a new version of mod_epp which I am comfortable to call 1.0. From the last version, there have been a number of cleanups and fixes which makes the code clean and good enough for production use.

I don't expect any major changes to happen with mod_epp. The code stands as it is and the real work must now happen at the backend level.

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2003-03-31

Presentations from RIPE44 online

We added the presentations Alexander and Otmar made at the Centr workshop at RIPE44 to sourceforge today. The .ppt files are available from the "File List" page here at Sourceforge.


Posted by Otmar Lendl 2003-01-28

first EPP ERD prerelease

A first snapshot of the EPP database definitions have been released. Those definitions will support the EPP server example backend.

Posted by Alexander Mayrhofer 2003-01-22

New release of mod_epp available

This release adds:

* support for EPP draft version 6
* documentation enhancements
* examples of the scripting infrastructure
* minor bug fixes.

This release should be a lot more userfriendly, as it contains much more information on how to install the module and its scripting environment.

The example scripts are just dummies, the mod_epp package does not, and will never include a registry logic. That exercise is still left to the reader (and other projects).... read more

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2003-01-10

first (pre)release

We have released a first tarball of the module. Please consider it alpha software at this point in time, so it may not be useful in a production environment. It compiles, it seems to work, but we're quite sure that there are a bunch of bugs in there (which we'd like you to report to us!).

Posted by Alexander Mayrhofer 2002-12-18

mod_epp status

There has been some rewrite of the mod_epp error handling and SSL interaction.

Some changes have been made to the configuration directives; please read the README before installing.


Posted by Otmar Lendl 2002-12-16

mod_epp update

The code is doing more schema checks, due to the addition of clTRID passing as CGI parameter.

Next step: <login>

Posted by Otmar Lendl 2002-11-12

project registration

We are progressing on the module and the CGI's, so it's time to prepare for the first alpha release by registering a SF project.

Posted by Alexander Mayrhofer 2002-11-05