Compiling under MSVS6

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2003-07-21

    I am trying to compile aedGUI under Visual Studio 6,
    but I can't figure out how to get it to work.
    Any help regarding settings and configurations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Rodrigo Hernandez


      Well, right now I cant get it to compile under VC++ 7.0,
      it does compile, but then the test program complains about the callback classes at link time.

      In any case you can try adding all the cpp files found into /src and all the headers found in /include into a Win32 (sans MFC) Dll project, and change the settings to use the Multi threaded runtime library (SDL needs it this way), of course you also have to have SDL-dev and freefont already configured into the IDE (read make sure you can compile simple SDL and/or freetype programs before trying to compile aedGUI)

      Hope that helps.

      PD: oh yeah, also I found over the weekend that Visual C++ warns about dynamic_cast, and in fact it causes the program to crash :(



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