adx - addressbook.xml: 0.75 released

adx is a minimalistic but massively web enabled address book running completely in web browser.
Supported: Skype, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, hCard (Microformats), instant messengers, etc.
How it works: XML + XSLT = HTML in your web browser.

Changelog for adx 0.75:
- enhancement: tag engine - tag filtering works now completely case insensitive
- enhancement: tag engine - trimming/normalizing whitespaces for tags
- enhancement: tag engine - atomized tags
- enhancement: added account support (with icons) for,
- enhancement: added account support (without icons) for,,
- enhancement: added account support for for public profiles (lokalisten-id has to be enabled)
- bugfix: Linked phonenr ('callto:') missed leading zero when variable 'phone_internationalAreaCode_default' was empty
- bugfix: IE8 had a javascript problem when an array definition has an additional comma after the last element
- known issue: Opera 9.27 omits sometimes(!) tags. Although combobox for tag filtering works correctly

Project website on SoureForge:

Posted by Thomas Bartensud 2009-08-04

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