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Insecure release for DSM6.0 Beta 2 users

If you are using DSM 6.0 Beta 2 for personal use and still want to benefit from the application, you may download the following package available in the Files -> release-3 directory : advpowermgr-3.4-2-DSM6.0beta2.spk.
This release disables the check for admin/non-admin users, that check disappeared from DSM6.0 Beta 2.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2016-02-07

Release 3.3-5 is out

This release fixes a major bug preventing the Synology box to wake up properly when running latest DSM version.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2015-01-17

Release 3.1 is out!

The following new features and bug fixes are contained:
- Added 'Hosts' Plugin enabling shutdown once all specified hosts are down (from ping perspective)
- Improved security by dropping root privileges in CGI binaries
- Redesigned log to make sure log doesn't grow forever
- Enhanced label printing in UI by autosizing it based on content
- Fixed bug in scheduler that may lead to a deadlock (no shutdown ever) when using multiple plugins simultaneously
- Enhanced monitoring by displaying details

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-03-26

Introducing Release 3.1

Release 3.1 is a redesign of the backend to improve security.
From user perspective, a new "Hosts" plugin is being introduced. This "Hosts" plugin enables to shut down the NAS only once all specified hosts (by IP, MAC or hostname) are considered down from a "ping" perspective.

I released in the test/ directory a preview. Please tell me if everything works. The preview can be installed beside the regular 3.0 release as it doesn't effectively perform the shutdown and poweron operation, it just logs what it would effectively do.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-03-21

NOTE TO DSM 5.0 Users

It has been reported through that the app doesn't work on final DSM 5.0 on some specific hardware models.

If you encounter such issues, please contact me so that I can work on it.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-03-12

Do you like this app? Please rate it!

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-25

Release 3.0-4 is out! Please upgrade ASAP

This hotfix release fixes the UI eating 1°°% of the CPU since upgrade to latest hotfix DSM fixing a security issue.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-19

WARNING: Big issue with 3.0 release

Since upgrade to latest DSM hotfixing Synology's security issue, the UI makes the CPU spin forever.
Please stop downloading this application until I find out what's going up.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-19

WARNING: 3.0-2 is broken! Please upgrade to 3.0-3 asap!

The 3.0-2 release is broken and makes the CPU spin at 100% when no poweroff settings is used. This was due to a bug in the Monitoring on the UI side.
Please upgrade asap to 3.0-3.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-19

Release 3.0-2 is out!

This release includes fixes and improvements + a german translation.
Note that if you already translated some parts to german, your translation will be used in priority since user messages are always used prior to builtin messages.
If you want to use the builtin translation, remove your translation or fix the german translation through the translation panel: this will show the difference between the builtin translation and your translation and you'll be able to provide fixes or remove translation you made that has no real value.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-16

Release 3.0 is out!

This version should work on all DSM releases, including 5.0 beta.

Special thanks to Alexis Manning for final debugging and letting me diagnose on his NAS!

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-12

Seeking beta testers for Release 3.0

Hi there,
release 3.0 development started early last year and is almost ready.
Intensive testing has been performed but I'm now seeking testers to verify that everything works as planned, particularly on latest DSM (4.3): my hardware doesn't support DSM 4.3 so I cannot properly test.

Please contact me if you are interested.
The test release will not break AdvPowerMgr 2.3.8 as it will not effectively perform the poweron/poweroff actions but only log them. It can be installed concurrently with the 2.3.8 release.... read more

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2014-02-05 Labels: release 3.0 test

Release 2.2 is out!

After almost 1 year of inactivity, I've decided to continue adding new features to the application:
"Shutdown on network inactivity" enables to trigger the planned shutdown only once network activity dropped to a desired (configurable) level.
Very useful when downloading or streaming videos.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2011-09-22

Release 2.0b is available!

This release fixes the issues encountered with DSM3.0.
Note that:
- the application can be found in the top left menu in the second page, then moved to the desktop if you want
- the application overrides the schedule put in the standard power manager

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-09-23

Release 2.0a is available!

This release fixes the issues with DSM3.0beta.
Note: in DSM3.0beta, the app. can be found in the second page of the menu (at the top left, the "down" arrow). You may move it to the desktop for your convenience.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-09-09

Release 2.0 is now available

2.0 is 2.0pre+nl with german and danish translations. No bug fix there since no bug has been reported yet.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-08-10

Please advertize your friends owning Synos!

Since latest release 1.1a has been delivered, there was not much download activity apart for you usual owners (about 1 to 4 downloads per day).
Please help me want to continue expanding the application by telling your friends.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-06-26

Release 2.0pre delivered!

This 2.0pre (pre == not final) release enables to set a schedule for a specific day (eg. July 14) or range of days.
Everything is now there to be able to expand the application in the future.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-06-26

Preparing next release

it has been some time I didn't release an update. Please be patient because the next release requires some more work. It will incorporate the ability to program for a specific date, such as the following:
Jun 25 at 14:00
Jun 25,Jun 30, Aug 15-Sep-15 at 8:00

Because of the changes required to do that, the next-generation UI will be postponed... I prefer to add functionalities than look and feel.... read more

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-06-09

Release 1.1a delivered!

This releases adds support to command line tools (in /var/packages/AdvancedPowerManager/target/bin) enabling advanced users to suspend and resume the program without having access to the UI (typically if accessing the Syno. through a terminal).

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-06-02

HEADS UP: respin of release 1.0g and 1.1!

If running 1.0g or 1.1, please upgrade to 1.0g_respin or 1.1_respin, otherwise the app. will not work upon Syno's next power cycle.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-05-31

Release 1.1 delivered!

This release adds the "suspend" feature, enabling the schedule to be deactivated until a manual shutdown is issued. Additionnaly, a new informational message has been added when hibernation is active.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-05-29

Release 1.0g delivered!

This release adds support to the german language and fixes typos in other translations.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-05-21

Release 1.0f delivered!

This release fixes a bug when using ranges in expert mode ending with "Sun" (eg. Sat-Sun), causing the range to be ignored.

Note that there are still a lot of translations missing, please contact me and help! Translating doesn't require any computer science experience.

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-05-18

Release 1.0e delivered!

This release fixes the "wake-on-lan" issue on supported platforms and improves the language detection.
Note that there are still a lot of missing languages, please help!

Posted by Renaud Métrich 2010-05-17

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