I was having a similiar problem with the text on the menu off the screen... No matter how I centered the screen it always cut some of the text off.  I fixed it with the ui_skipleft option.
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Thanks for your input, but I know I'm updating the correct file, as I see the lines in the RC file change.  Does anyone know what res settings Advmenu uses as it doesn't seem to change the position of the screen.

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Be sure you're using the correct switches to edit the .rc files.
To edit advmenus settings:
advcfg -advmenuc
advv -advmenuv

And advmame:


Hello all,
I'm helping a friend setup their Advmame / Advmenu cabinet with
an old Sega Astrocity 29" cabinet. We have everything setup and running
great with WinME, JPac, G400 and an SB Live, except for the video.

The screen image is a little too high, so that the sync rolls
over on the top inch or so of the display. This happens even with the
hardware controls on the monitor all the way down. We've gone into
Advcfg and moved the image down and saved the rc file, but Advmenu
doesn't seem to move it's position down. What video mode / res does
Advmenu use by default? Ultimately we'd like to adjust the video to
display lower, to compensate for the monitor being a bit off if it's

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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