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  • Daniel R. Tarsky

    Hi. This is Daniel Tarsky (Dr. Freak), developer of the old KnoppiXMAME from around 2003-2004. I was considering breathing new life into my project, but I know you AdvanceMAME guys have done a good job in the past as well.

    My question to you is: are you still maintaining this project? Two features I really compiled KnoppiXMAME for were (and I would call it more of a compilation than my own software although I did write shell scripts and kdialog stuff for the remastering) the ability to automate re-mastering the CD with your own roms, and to use gxmame as a frontend which supported joystick selection of games during the time. I would imagine that someone else such as yourselves have implemented those features over time, but was curious if there is now an all-in-one solution for those two features.

    I have given up on using gxmame because it hasn't been maintained for years and I don't want to support a frontend, just plug one in; however I would like to know where the state of the union is as far as Linux frontends go and if people out there still are interested in a bootable MAME CD.

    Anyways, regards to all of you on the Advance team for putting some good MAME complements out there. I'm sure you wouldn't have done it had you not shared the same passion for a portable arcade machine as I have.

  • SpellingPhailer

    SpellingPhailer - 2010-09-20

    It seems that there's a guy who has picked up this project, but har switched emulators, but still using advancecd and advancemenu.

    Check here:


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