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not interlaced custom resolution

  • bmarchetto

    bmarchetto - 2009-03-29

    Hi all

    [OT] first of all i wanna thanx Andrea for this AVESOME software. It's the only way to let my old Pentium 3 have a new "life" inside my cab. Thanx man. [/OT]

    Surfing the net i found that a good resolution for arcades is 640 x 240 not interlaced. I don't know what resolution (or set of resolutions)  is/are actually default for advancecd, but i wanna modify it to 640x240 NOT interlaced (the defauld should be intyerlaced because the screen is not completely stable).

    So, how can i

    1) set new resolutions for the advancecd;

    2) modify resolution "on the fly" during game.


    • tkb101

      tkb101 - 2009-04-16

      1. in-game, TAB --> VIDEO
      2. pressing DOT, COMMA (.), (,) in-game will change the resolution on the fly.

      you cannot force a resolution that your video card/monitor combination cannot handle.


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