j d - 2009-05-29

Trying to track down this problem and wondering if anyone here is familiar with it.

Best way to explain it would be to make 5-10 circles with the joystick and let go. The cursor, airplane, character, etc on the game will continue to move even after stopping input. Almost like it's not dropping the input, or too much data is being stored.

The operating system is FreeBSD 7.2 release. And it's a USB gamepad, logitech (the one that looks like the playstation controllers).

I originally thought the problem was in dosbox because that is where I saw it first. Other programs like zsnes, and SDLmame work fine. Also catting the device in a terminal looks fine. Then I came across advancemame and has the exact same problem as dosbox.

So came here hoping someone is familiar with this issue. Or can least tell me what is going on.