Help converting source to RPM and DEB file

  • battlecat

    battlecat - 2009-11-23


    I am looking for help in converting the source of Advanced MAME 0.106.1 into a distributable RPM and DEB file. I have been trying for some time now to  do this but with no real luck. I am not a programmer by trade so please use English for non-programmers when responding.

    Has it already been done? If so where at? I know that in the Distribution I use (Ubuntu 9.04) it is not listed in the packages or even in the extended packages.

    Any help or pointers would be appreciated. I have been trying to use this tutorial at but so far I am getting very bad results.


    > Wah!Cade the new face of Advmame:

  • tkb101

    tkb101 - 2009-11-24

    the sources available here at sourceforge needs to be compiled.

    there are compiled versions at:

    search for "advancemame" and "advancemenu". choose your version. convert.

  • battlecat

    battlecat - 2009-11-25


    I see that those are slackware versions. I was hoping to create standard deb files for Ubuntu and Debian as well as RPM files for Red Hat. Of course I might be looking at this site incorrectly.



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