Immediate Window Errors

  • Bryan

    Bryan - 2013-04-23

    I am using a 1756-L61 with a 1756 ENBT/A Module

    Using a basic label or a Blue Digital panel meter I get the following error (A first chance exception of type 'System.InvalidCastException' occurred in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll) in the immediate window, however the basic label still performs correctly.

    The problem is if I add more basic labels the errors magnify causing my application to become sluggish. This seems to only happen if I am looking at a control logix tag in the following format.

    CTR_A_Diverter_Jam.ACC (Controller Scope Tag Counter)
    A_Diverter_12Hour_JamAccumlation (Controller Scope Tag)
    AXIS_A2_Catcher_East.PositionFeedback (Kinetix 6000 servo position feedback)

    The above works I just get error after error in the immediate window which seems to be causing the screens to be sluggish.

    If I setup an integer tag name and move CTR_A_Diverter_Jam.ACC into it and then use that address in the advanced hmi then I do not get errors and everything works fine.

    Am I doing something wrong and should I have to map things to int files in order to display them without getting errors?

  • Archie

    Archie - 2013-04-23

    Those Exceptions you see in the immediate windows only means the code handled an exception. The most likely culprit is where the code tries to determine if something in the tag name after a period is a bit number or sub element. I reworked the code to perform the check a different way other than by catching an exception, so there will be less of those messages in the immediate window. This will be part of the next release.

  • Bryan

    Bryan - 2013-04-24


  • Archie

    Archie - 2013-05-13

    These exceptions have been addressed in version 3.27, so you should not see as many.


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