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GEdit PRO 0.71 is out !

Version 0.71
- finished plugin open/save feature
- USGS DEM plugin to demonstrate the plugin framework
- COM interface for plugins (App, Doc, Brush and Face only)
- Plugin sdk first draft
- Rotation snap bug
- Content user bug
- Editbox & range value bug
- Skybox focus bug
- Texture list box bug

Posted by Cédric Vaniez 2002-12-27

AG3d OpenGL Driver Source Release

An OpenGL driver has been released for Advanced Genesis3D. Only the source is available.
This driver has been around for a while, I hope everyone enjoy it.

Posted by Cédric Vaniez 2002-06-23

GBSPLib Binaries Released

All in the title.

Posted by Cédric Vaniez 2002-06-18

First GBSPLib source release

This release contains only the enhanced GBSPLib sources.

The enhancement is a new light type: the sun entity.
Details can be seen here:http://

Posted by Cédric Vaniez 2002-06-16

First Release Content

As a first move, the first release will contain a beta version of the rewritten G3D API ref.
This API Ref is enhanced with various fixes, details and developer remarks, gathered from my own, experience, from the G3D source code and from the G3D forum.
The full G3D is not covered yet but I hope to gradually reach that goal, with your help too.

Posted by Cédric Vaniez 2002-06-14

First release date

A release is planned for this week.

Posted by Cédric Vaniez 2002-06-11

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