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ADP 0.9.5 Released!

New in this release:
* Added some basic NUnit test fixtures (MSSQL only, for now);
* New AdpException, as base class for new exceptions;
* New build script to be run under Linux:;
* New utility class: AdpCommandBuilder. It creates new AdpCommands for use with the AdpDataAdapter, based on a DataTable's metadata;
* New provider for MySQLConnector/Net;

Important changes:
* Fixed AdpCommand.CreateParameter() behavior: now it doesn't automatically add the parameters in the Parameters collection;... read more

Posted by Fábio David Batista 2005-03-28

New ADP stable version 0.9.4 Released!

2004-11-09 Rui S. Barbosa <>

* New stable version 0.9.4. Assembly version updated to

2004-10-30 Cassio R Eskelsen (

* Fix bug 1057416 (add some class to Adp combine and add projects
"AdpShow" and "adpsql" to combine).

2004-10-27 Cassio R Eskelsen (

* adpshow sample project added. This porject demostrate all
resources of ADP.... read more

Posted by Rui S. Barbosa 2004-11-09

New stable version 0.9.3

Fix error on AdpConnection() constructor.
Assembly version updated to

Posted by Rui S. Barbosa 2004-10-22

New ADP Web Site

ADP WebSite has update, tree has removed and design is more clean. Now I wainting for ADP logo!

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2004-10-19

ADP 0.9.2 stable version released

0.9.2 is a stable release of ADP. Finally ADP works on Mono and Portable.NET (Windows and Linux). To see a complete list of new features see Changelog.

Posted by Rui S. Barbosa 2004-10-07

ADP 0.9.1 Released

0.9.1 is a development release of ADP. To see a list of new features see Changelog

Posted by Rui S. Barbosa 2004-08-15

ADP 0.9.0 Released

0.9.0 is a development release of ADP. To see a list of new features see Changelog

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2004-08-05

ADP 0.8.0 Released

The first stable release of ADP (Advanced Data Provider) as released.

Posted by Everaldo Canuto 2004-07-27