New AdPlug suite released

Nearly the whole AdPlug suite has been updated today!

Version 2.1 of the AdPlug core library has been released. From the NEWS:
- New format support:
- ADL: Westwood ADL File Format
- Added OPL3 support:
- A2M: AdLib Tracker 2 versions 5-8
- All players are endian-clean now.
- Lots of security fixes (thanks to Luigi Auriemma).
- Fixed volume handling in AMD player.
- Fixed a buffer overflow in ROL player (thanks to HIGUCHI Daisuke).
- Fixed vibrato & volume slides in D00 player (thanks to Dennis Lindroos).
- Removed superfluous exit() call in RIX player (thanks to Martin Michlmayr).
- Enhanced generic Protracker player features:
- Supports up to 32 channels
- OPL3 output support
- New behavior flags and commands

Version 1.6 of AdPlay/UNIX has been released. From the NEWS:
- Added the following output mechanisms:
- libao: libao driver

Version 1.8 of AdPlug/Winamp has been released. From the NEWS:
- Fixed default for ignored filetypes.
- New default playback is in stereo.

Version 1.6a of AdPlay/DOS has been released. From the NEWS:
- Linked with AdPlug core library 2.1

Posted by Simon Peter 2007-04-09

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