Version 0.21 is Released

Hi everyone,
I've just made a release available for download. Some notes on this release:
Notes regarding the implementation of ISO8601 DateTime fields (introduced February 12, 2005):
Release 0.21 saw the introduction of ISO8601 DateTime fields as the default storage mechanism.
The format used was 'yyyy-MM-dd HH-mm-ss', to bring it in line with SQLite 3.1.1's new CURRENT_DATE, CURRENT_TIME, and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP keywords. This is also the the default format used by MySQL.
Other supported formats at this time include:
* yyyyMMddHHmmss
* yyyyMMddTHHmmssfffffff
* yyyy-MM-dd
* yy-MM-dd
* yyyyMMdd
* HH:mm:ss
* THHmmss

For more details on ISO8601 Date Formats, visit

Version 0.21 (February 12, 2005)
- The option 'Compatibility=old-date-format' is supported for SQLite3 (bug 1039173).
- CREATE TRIGGER can be executed now (bug 1041924).
- Added methods and properties returning objects from Finisar.SQLite namespace, not only generic
interfaces (bug 1051388, patch 1029075).
- GetBoolean returns True if the string 'True' was written in the field (bug 1051867).
- The declaration of the column as REAL is interpreted as Double instead of Float (bug 1045387).
- DataAdapter/CommandBuilder handle BLOB correctly (bug 1054514).
- BLOB is encoded/decoded for SQLite2 using sqlite_encode/decode_binary functions. It means
BLOB can contain any characters including zeros and quotas. The side effect of this change is that
the internal represenation of BLOB is changed. If you want the old represenation, you need to add
'Compatibility=old-binary-format' into the connection string.
- The column definition containing the string 'BINARY' is equivalent to BLOB now.
- Malformed SQL queries doesn't crash the provider (bug 1062822)
- More sane handling of datatypes. The type of the column is determined first by the definition in the CREATE TABLE statement, falling back on the data itself if the definition isn't available (using Views, for example).
- Added support for ISO8601 DateTime fields for both SQLite2 and SQLite3.
New Connection String option is:
DateTimeFormat=ISO8601|Ticks|CurrentCulture (default: ISO8601)
This change means that existing applications will need to put DateTimeFormat=Ticks in their
Connection String if they are currently _not_ using the Compatibilty=old-date-format.

The full version History can be viewed online at

DISCLAIMER: I am presently unable to test the CompactFramework version of SQLite.Net, so I cannot claim that it is working at all.

Posted by Robert Foster 2005-02-11

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