Version 0.20 is released

- Compact Framework is fully supported! It passes all unit tests.
- Changed the internal format of DateTime.
Now it is stored as Int64 instead of String.
The old format is supported for SQLite2 via the option 'Compatibility=old-date-format'
- Exceptions thrown in DbDataAdapter.Fill doesn't leave IDbConnection
in 'Executing' state anymore
- Decimal, Single, Double types are written in culture-neutral manner now.
- Binary type (BLOB) is supported now. The SQLite of version 3 supports BLOB fully.
SQLite version 2 doesn't allow bytes with zero values inside the binary array.
The provider checks of the presence of zero bytes and throws exception if found them.
- Preliminary support of Mono on UNIX is added. I didn't test it yet. Any volunteers?
- Assembly is digitally signed.

Posted by Alexander Gavrilov 2004-10-01

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