SQLlite Capabilities

  • BillD

    BillD - 2005-06-01

    I'm a newbie to SQLlite. I have three questions:

    (1). Is SQLlite thread-safe?
    (2). Can we do stored procedure with SQLlite?
    (3). Does SQLlite have in-memory capability?



    • Robert Simpson

      Robert Simpson - 2005-06-01

      The best palce to go for answers to these (and other engine) questions is http://www.sqlite.org

      The .NET provider is merely a wrapper around the core SQLite engine.

      In short however,

      1.  You cannot use the same connection object across multiple threads.  Each thread requires its own connection to a SQLite database.  Beyond that, it is thread safe.

      2.  No, stored procedures don't exist for this engine, but it is possible to roll your own, sortof.

      3.  Yes, you open a :memory: database.  Each database connection to a :memory: database is unique and cannot be shared across threads.  When the connection is closed the memory is freed.



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