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Will you create Installer?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Are you planning to create Installer?

    • Robert Foster

      Robert Foster - 2005-09-04

      In a word, No.  Someone else may do it though.  Any volunteers?
      Actually, I integrate the output of this project (the dll's) with my own product's setup.  So the dll's get installed when the user installs my product, so I don't see any point in creating an installer.  Also, as there is no design-time user interfaces, or plugins to VS2003, there's not really any point.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes ,I understand you.But I hope anyone to create installer.
      Other DB-Provider-Maker create it.
      I need this in my product.
      my product load DataProvider's Dll Dynamically.
      In this case,my Customer select SQLite.NET.dll ,But SQLite3.dll not found.I have to explain my customer to include SQLite3.dll in PC's PATH .

    • Robert Simpson

      Robert Simpson - 2005-09-05

      The SQLite DLL is a reusable component designed to be used by programmers in their application(s).  If you wish to redistribute SQLite or its wrappers in your application, it is your responsibility to include them with YOUR installer.  Libraries do not install themselves on client machines.  At most, and this is purely optional, a library may have an installer to install itself on your DEVELOPMENT machine...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Oh,this is BSD License! I can Include this my Application.And my sourcecode not have to open.
      'MySQL Data Provider' is GPL,so My App load DLL dynamically from GAC.(I would not like to open my sourcecode)

       But most of DataProvider's License is LGPL I'll include them my App.


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