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the "special" character problem

  • admarch

    admarch - 2005-09-18

    I've seen several posts regarding the problem of "special characters" (nothing special about them: it's just what the non-english speaking world uses).

    I also ran into this problem when working on a spanish language database.

    My solution is similar to geekyde's, and I'm tempted to say may be more encompassing.
    As did geekyde, I also changed line sqlite3.cs line 74's "_encoding.UTF8", but to "_encoding.default".
    According to .net documentation, using "default" gets the system's current ANSI code page.

    For some reason I can't recall now, I also had to change utils.cs line 178 from

    public MarshalStr (String str) : this(Encoding.Default,str)


    public MarshalStr (String str) : this(Encoding.ASCII,str)

    Hope this helps. It did in my case and I gather it will for any western language. If I take the "system's current" code page phrase literally, I suppose it'll do the trick for any language.

    • admarch

      admarch - 2005-09-18


      In the utils.cs, the change is exactly the other way round. Damn cut and paste

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Dear admarch,

      Ive make this changes over the files. But im getting the same problem. Some characters arent showed.Im using a spanish characters.

      The connection string must be changed?.

      Can you give me more instructions or can you send me a dll file with this changes applied.?

      My email direction is

      Thanks in advance.


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