Unsupported file format - SOLVED

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Ok, since this took me THREE days to figure out:

    If you run into problems when opening a database that you touched with any sqlite db manager/client:

    You have the WRONG sqlite client!

    This adapter works with SQLite 3.2.8 and NOTHING higher.

    So, fetch the 3.2.8 sqlite3 package from sqlite.org and be happy.
    It's not listed anywhere, so go to the download page, fetch the url for the 3.3.3 one and change it to 3.2.8 to get the right one.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks a lot dude!

      Yesterday i became crazy because i couldn't open a database created with sqllite analyzer (a windows' gui that use sqlite3.dll)
      I always got 'Unsupported file format' when i tried to open it with .net wrapper!

      Later i will try to download sqlite 3.2.8 dll and will put in SqlLiteAnalizer folder!

      Hope this solves!
      Thanks again!


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